Dog Day School - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours?

Dogs may be picked up or dropped off at any time between 7AM and 6:30PM, Monday through Friday. Dog Day School hours are 8AM to 4PM.

Pick up and drop off service within 20 minutes of our locationis available. Contact us for details.

How much is it?

Please view our Rates and Policies page for the most up-to-date tuition.

How does Dog Day School compare to dog daycare?

Dog Day School is an alternative for owners who want more than the average daycare program. Our top priorities are training and one-on-one physical exercise, not group playtime.

Our program is appropriate for dogs who are selective about their playmates.

We also keep a very low dog-to-staff ratio. Industry standard for dog daycares is 15-25 dogs per 1 staff member. Our standard is 5-8 dogs per trainer.

How often does my dog need to attend?

Our minimum is three days per week. For owners looking to see a big change in their dog's behavior as soon as possible, we highly recommend five days per week for best results.

What do you teach?

Whatever your dog needs! We start with an initial consultation to learn about the problems you are experiencing with your dogs and your goals for his behavior. From there, we customize a training plan just for your dog.

For some dogs, the plan consists of basic obedience skills such as sit, down, stay, come when called, relax in a crate, and loose-leash walking.

Our training program for all dogs focuses on self-control: behaving politely around food and toys (without jumping up & trying to steal them), people (not jumping to say "hi!") and waiting for permission to go through doorways and to exit the crate.

Other problems we can address in this dog training program include lunging and barking on leash, crying/barking in the crate, not coming when called, poor behavior at the groomer or vet, and stealing food off of the counters.

But if you train my dog, will he listen to me at home? How will I know what to do?

Our program rates include two follow-up private training lessons. You'll meet with one of our trainers for an hour to see what your dog is working on at school, and learn how to achieve those same results at home. That said, most of our owners see some change in their dog's behavior at home immediately even before meeting with the trainers.

We also will communicate with you regularly via e-mail to keep you informed of your dog's progress and answer any questions you may have.