Enrichment Class

Enrichment is a class designed for safe, fun exposure to a variety of things that sometimes worry or scare dogs. It's designed for puppies to boost their socialization, as well as older dogs who are fearful or unsure of things in their environment. This 45 minute class is held on Thursdays at 4PM.

The socialization opportunities are different each week, but include skateboards, food puzzles, unusual scents, walking across different surfaces, people wearing unusual clothing, children, noisemakers & pre-recorded sounds, and more! No specific "behaviors" are taught in this class. It's all about encouraging your dog or puppy to be brave & explore!

Registration Information

Pre-registration is required for Enrichment.

Admission is $15 per dog. Enrichment is FREE for current Puppy Day School students and for puppies attending group classes on a Super Puppy Flex Pass.

If your dog is new to our training programs, you must sign up no later than 5:30PM on Wednesday, and we must have vaccinations for rabies, parvo, and distemper on file at that time.