Dog Fitness & Doga Classes

From puppy to senior, underweight to obese, or couch potato to canine athlete, all dogs benefit from fitness training! In our Intro to Fitness class, owners will learn proper technique and how to incorporate a core cross-training program into their dog's daily care.

This class will help you get your dog moving and reach your goals. Whether you’re trying to help your couch potato shed a few pounds, keep your arthritic senior dog comfortable, or get your puppy off to a healthy start, this class is for you!

We also offer Doga classes approximately every other week. An extension of the fitness training we teach, Doga includes the artful poses we see in yoga class for humans.

This class builds poses on a yoga mat with simple stretching, play bows (downward-facing dog), working together for relaxation, and building a closer bond with your dog. Doga allows your dog to learn to work closely with you, relaxation, focus, & gentle manipulation for stretches. Your dog will also learn to focus on time with you rather than other dogs in the class, and ultimately become more confident.

Lorraine Messier, a FitPAWS Master Trainer, teaches these classes as part of our Flex Class program.

Benefits of Fitness Training

The benefits of fitness training for dogs mirror the benefits for people. When done correctly, these exercises will help develop and hone your dog's motor skills, balance, and range of motion. The training process will develop cooperation and strengthen the body you have with your dog.

Our fitness program can also help your dog lose weight, and stabilize and strengthen weak areas of your dog's body caused by injury or conformation issues.

Yes, fitness training is appropriate for puppies! Just like physical education or after-school sports, your puppy can benefit from age-appropriate fitness training.

All of our fitness training is customized to your dog's needs. Prior to attending your first class, you will fill out a Canine Fitness History form for the instructor to review.