Dog Training in Providence, RI

Do you need help with your dog's behavior? Our dog trainers can help! The Academy offers a variety of dog training solutions. Read more about our dog training methods, or pick a program below.

Puppy Day School is our flagship program for puppies ages eight weeks to eight months. This innovative combination of daycare and puppy kindergarten provides puppies with the socialization, basic manners, and loving care they need in their formative months.

Dog Day School is our adult dog training solution for busy dog owners. While you're away at work or school, we train and exercise your dog for you. Come home to a better behaved dog!

Flex Classes are held at our Providence dog training studio on weekday evenings on a variety of topics, including basic manners training, advanced obedience, dog agility, nose work, and reactive dog classes. Does your dog pull on leash, not come when called, chase squirrels, or only listen when you're holding a treat? If any of those things sound familiar, this is a great way to teach your dog obedience! Our classes are flexible, so you can skip a week or two if you're busy, attend classes on multiple days of the week, and start any time.

Private Lesson Packages are appropriate for all dog training and behavior concerns. Our Academy staff will coach you through the exercises necessary to teach your dog good manners and solve unwanted behavior problems.

Not sure which is the best solution for you? Contact us and tell us about your dog. We're happy to advise you!

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