Dog Trick Classes

Dog trick training is a great way to have fun with your dog. With the American Kennel Club's new Trick Dog titling program, your dog can earn official AKC titles for learning fun new things!

Katherine Ostiguy & Casey Raposa teach Dog Trick classes as part of our Flex Class program.

Benefits of Dog Tricks

Trick training provides both physical exercise and mental stimulation, so dogs are tired and content after class.

Teaching tricks is a great way to bond and have fun with your dog.

Your skills will grow! Many great dog trainers got started with trick training. The process will bring you from "newbie" to "expert" in no time!

Get Started

The best way to get started is our Intro to Dog Tricks group training class. In this class, we teach most of the tricks at the Novice and Intermediate levels of AKC Trick Dog testing. Owners are required to attend an Orientation class before bringing their dog to a trick class, and we recommend taking at least two manners classes together first. (Some of the Trick Dog skills, such as hand signals and push ups, are covered in manners classes!)

Each test level requires you and your dog to demonstrate 10 tricks. At the lower levels, you can use treats and your clicker during the test. It's easy to get started - come join us!

AKC Trick Dog Information:

If your dog is not already AKC registered, you will need to apply for a Canine Partners listing number when you send in your Trick Dog test form. Canine Partners registration is available to all dogs, including mixed breeds!