Flex Class Passes

We offer three Flex Class Passes for you to choose from, depending on the level of training you would like to achieve with your dog. We also have a special program just for puppies!

When choosing a program, remember that these classes are designed to be repeated. The more classes you attend, the stronger your dog's skills will be. We increase the difficulty level for dogs that already know the basics.

Single class passes are available if you would like to attend Orientation or Nosework 101: Orientation & Try-It to get a taste of our training program. All other classes require a full Class Pass.

Dog Agility Classes in Providence, RI | Spring Forth Dog Academy

Super Dog Pass

10 classes
4-month expiration date

$295 + tax

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Awesome Dog Pass

20 classes
6-month expiration date

Ideal for high-achievers & owners with more than one dog!

$495 + tax

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Good Dog Pass

6 classes
2-month expiration date

$220 + tax

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Super Puppy Pass

10 classes
4-month expiration date
UNLIMITED Puppy Playgroup attendance

discounted rate: $265 + tax
Just for puppies under 5 months old at time of enrollment!

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