Our Flexible Group Dog Training Classes

Whether you're looking for basic obedience for your dog who won't listen or want a fun outlet for your dog's boundless energy, our flexible group dog training classes in Providence are for you. (These classes are great for puppies, too!)

We think you will love our unique "modular" system of classes, because they're easy to fit in to your busy schedule. Our program offers a great deal of flexibility, all while helping you achieve the results you dream of with your dog.

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You can attend classes on any day of the week that works for you. View the calendar to see the rotating class schedule.

You can take classes in whichever order you prefer.

Attend classes once, twice, or three times in one week and get results faster... or if life gets hectic skip a week or two if you need to.

Classes are designed for you to attend over and over again so you can master the skills that are important to you.

You can dabble in a new sport or activity like agility, nosework, or rally without committing to a long, multi-week class.

You'll enjoy increased access to your instructors, with time after class to ask questions, as well as our private Alumni Facebook Group where you can chat with us about your dog.

Best of all, you can start anytime as long as the program isn't full! No more waiting for specific start dates.

Continue taking classes and building your dog's skills to earn three level certificates - Basic Dog Manners, Intermediate Dog Manners, and Advanced Dog Manners.

Manners Class Topics

We offer 5 individual manners classes each week. With your purchase of a Group Class Pass, you can attend any of these classes.

Dog Training 101 (Orientation)

This class is the prerequisite to attending any of our other classes.

Learn about our system of positive reinforcement based dog training and get all of the information you need to know before you bring your dog to school. Yes, this class is just for people - no dogs allowed!

Polite in Public

Would you like to go for a walk without getting dragged by your dog? Would you enjoy taking your dog to outdoor seating at restaurants and cafes?

We'll help you teach your dog to walk politely on leash, rest by your side while you're dining, and greet people politely without jumping up.

Come This Way

Does your dog seem to have "selective hearing" at the dog park? Do you have to chase your dog around to get her to come in from the yard every morning?

This class is jam packed with games for teaching your dog to pay attention and come when called - the first time you call her.

Settle & Stay Put

How many times do you have to say "sit," "down," or "stay" before your dog will listen to you?

Learn how to get those behaviors the first time you ask. Your dog will learn to sit & down on just one cue, and to stay in those positions until you ask them to get up - even if they get distracted.


Does your dog do any of the following: steal food off the table? Jump on guests? Snatch food off the sidewalk?

Learn the crucial difference between "imposed control" (what most dog trainers teach) and "self control" - a dog who stops herself from jumping, stealing, or snatching the things she wants.

Abby the Golden Retriever - Basic Dog Manners Training Class Graduate

Other Classes...

We also offer a linear Reactive Recovery class (6 consecutive weeks) as well as drop-in Puppy Playgroup and Enrichment classes. These are separate from our Flex Class programs.

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Dog Sport Classes

Your class pass also allows you to take dog sport classes!

Nosework classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays evenings.

Agility classes are held every other Tuesday afternoon.

Tricks classes are held on Thursday evenings.