Private Dog Training Lessons

**Effective November 2016, we are not taking on new private training clients. In order to better serve our clients, we are focusing on our Day School and Flex Class programs. We encourage you to check out those programs instead!**

Would you like one-on-one help to resolve your dog's unwanted behavior? Let us show you how to train your dog or puppy. Private lessons are a great solution for teaching basic manners or fixing behavior problems. In just a few short weeks, you'll have the well-behaved dog you've always wanted.

Our programs give you one-on-one attention from an instructor to make sure you and your dog are on the path to success. This allows our trainer to customize the curriculum to you and your dog, which is just not possible in a group class.

You’ll also start quickly. Rather than waiting weeks or months for a group class to start, most of our private lesson clients can get started right away - within a week of signing up!

Private training lessons are appropriate for owners who are motivated to do the training themselves, which requires daily practice. If you are short on time, you may want to consider our Dog Day School program instead, where we train your dog for you.

Ready to get started? Select a program below. Not sure which one is right for you? Contact us and tell us about the problems you're experiencing with your dog or puppy. We'll tell you how we can help.

If you have a new puppy, click here for our Puppy Jumpstart program!

From Basic to Brilliant

Does your dog need to learn “the basics?”
Do you want to see a change in your dog’s unruly behavior quickly?

Let us show you how to communicate with your dog. This program will teach your dog the 5 skills our clients ask for the most: sit, down, come, loose leash walking, and stay.

This program includes:
-Initial 60-minute session to jumpstart your dog's training
-Four 45-minute follow-up sessions
-Enrollment in either Basic Dog Manners or Intermediate Dog Manners (6-week class)
-Training gear: clicker, wristband, Freedom no-pull harness or Gentle Leader, & treat pouch

Investment: $695

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Lunge 'n Barkers Anonymous

Is your dog lunging and barking at other dogs while out on walks?

This problem is frustrating - but common. We’ll show you how to change your dog’s opinion of other dogs so your walks become peaceful again. This program teaches your dog exactly what to do when she sees another dog: remain quietly at your side and pay attention to you instead.

This program includes:
-Initial 60-minute session to jumpstart your dog's training
-Six 45-minute follow-up sessions
-Enrollment in Reactive Recovery (6-week class)
-Training gear: clicker, wristband, Freedom no-pull harness or Gentle Leader, & treat pouch

Investment: $895 

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Wicked Good Walking

Is your dog dragging you down the street?
Does your dog have good manners everywhere except while on walks?

We’ll show you how to get your dog walking politely on leash in no time flat. Our program will teach your dog to remain at your side and to stop pulling on the leash. You’ll both enjoy going for a walk!

This program includes:
-Four 45-minute lessons
-Training gear: clicker, wristband, Freedom no-pull harness or Gentle Leader, & treat pouch

Investment: $395 

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The Potty Training Solution

**This program can be done remotely, either over the phone or via Facetime.**

Is your dog or older puppy going to the bathroom in the house?
Are you tired of finding messes on the floor or buying yet another package of “pee pads?”

We have a proven system that you can follow to fix your dog’s potty training habits. We will help you train your dog to either go to the bathroom outside, or use one specific location in your house. Our clients who stick with this program have their dog over 95% reliable in less than a month. Just think - you could be only one month away from a housetrained dog!

This program includes:
-Initial 60-minute session
-Up to six 30-minute follow up phone calls (most clients only need one or two!)
-Our "Potty Training Files" to help you achieve 100% reliability quickly!

Investment: $395 

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Puppy Jumpstart

**Save $125 on this program when you enroll your puppy in Puppy Day School!**

There’s a lot to think about when you bring home your new puppy. Let us help! Puppy Jumpstart is a primer for raising your new puppy (ages 8 weeks to 5 months) the right way.

This program covers crate training, housebreaking, teething, & how to prevent problems before they start.

This program includes:
-Initial 60-minute session
-Two 45-minute follow-up sessons
-Two free passes to Puppy Playgroup socialization class
-Training gear: clicker, wristband, Freedom no-pull harness, copy of "Puppy Start Right" book, & treat pouch

Investment: $395 

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"I have been to many dog trainers across the state and I must say Katherine and Dan are absolutely something special. We have seen huge improvements in our reactive dog who no other trainer could help and also got our new puppy off to a fantastic start! I wish I had found them years ago!

They use positive training techniques that really get results. They are very professional, friendly and great at communication; always answering my zillions of questions promptly by email or phone. Great dog skills AND great people skills. They have made our lives better by helping our dogs live better. If you're looking for a great trainer, look no further."

--Katie R. & Willow (above)

"Spring Forth are TRUE PROFESSIONALS that care greatly about your dog and your family and are extremely communicative and helpful. With their guidance and help our now 4-month-old puppy is nearly completely housebroken, crate trained, and advancing leaps and bounds in socialization and training, in a mere 2 weeks! I can't recommend Spring Forth enough for anyone seeking caring and professional services for their dog! Thank you Spring Forth!!"

--Marc C. & "Foxy"

"I can't say enough good things about Spring Forth.  All of their methods positive based and you will see results quickly.  Katherine and her staff are very approachable and easy to communicate with.  You can tell that their passion is training dogs and guiding their owners."

--Chelsie G. & "Rhodie"