Tuition for Puppy Day School

Part Time Student

4 days of school per week for 4 weeks.

Tuition: $1095

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Full Time Student

5 days of school per week for 4 weeks.

Best value!

Tuition: $1240

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Casual Student

3 days of school per week for 4 weeks.

Tuition: $905

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Ready to invest in your puppy's future?

We also offer three long-term programs for owners who are committed to raising a well-mannered puppy. Click here for details.

Due to high demand, there is currently a 1-3 week wait list for our Day School programs.
Click here to book an evaluation online. The evaluation is $125 and takes approximately 60 minutes.

A minimum of 3 days attendance per week is required.

Pick-up & drop-off concierge service is available! Inquire for details.

The initial evaluation takes about an hour. During this evaluation, we discuss your puppy's behavior at home, your goals for her, and observe her behavior around us. At the evaluation, you will choose a continuing education option - either private lessons or group training classes - so you can follow up with your dog's training at home.

All rates are subject to RI 7% sales tax.

Policies for Puppy Day School

Puppies ages eight weeks to six months old are eligible to enroll in Puppy Day School. Once your puppy begins attending Day School, they may continue for as long as you would like - there is no upper age limit. Dogs over six months of age at the time of enrollment are eligible for our Intensive Training Programs.

New students must have lived in their current home for at least 7 days prior to starting Puppy Day School, and have been examined by their owner's veterinarian (not the breeder/shelter's vet) including a negative fecal test.

Health Requirements: Click here for a printable PDF with our vaccination and testing requirements.

Reservation & Cancellation Policy: All services must be booked a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Payment is due at the time of booking. Cancellations 48 hours before the appointment are non-refundable/non-transferable.

Sanitation Protocol: Our facility, toys, bowls, and bedding are sanitized daily. For this reason, we cannot accept bowls and bedding from home. Please bring your puppy's meals in sealable containers (see below).

Meal Protocol: We feed puppies two times per day. Please do not feed your puppy before bringing him to Puppy Day School - bring his breakfast and lunch (if applicable) pre-measured in a resealable container or zip-lock bag. Please, no glass containers.