Agility Classes

Dog agility is the most popular dog sport in the United States. It's a timed event where dogs run, jump, climb, and weave through a variety of obstacles in a designated order. Each course is different, so the challenge never ends!

Katherine Ostiguy teaches Intro to Agility classes as part of our Flex Class program.

Benefits of Agility

Training for agility provides both physical exercise and mental stimulation, so dogs are tired and content after class.

Agility exposes dogs to a variety of different objects, which is a great socialization opportunity for puppies!

It's a great way to build confidence in shy and reserved dogs.

Agility enhances the bond between dogs & their owners. You'll get to know your dog on a different level!

Get Started

The best way to get started is our Intro to Dog Agility group training class, which will expose your dog to jumps, tunnels, the table, climbing on unstable surfaces, and walking across narrow planks. There is an emphasis on exercises you can practice at home with household objects, as well as trick training for physical conditioning and flexibility.

A valid Flex Class Pass is required to register for all agility classes. Owners must first attend Orientation class before attending an agility class, and we recommend taking some of our manners classes as well. This is a fast-paced class and we expect all handlers to be comfortable and experienced with our training methodology, classroom rules, and have a good working relationship with their dog. Dogs must be able to focus on their owners around other fast-moving dogs. (Unmanageable or disruptive dogs in Intro to Agility will be asked to leave, with no credit/make-up class given.)

Katherine is also available for private lessons on agility-related topics. Motivation/speed issues, foundation training, trial preparation, start line stays, and contact training are all common topics that she coaches owners through.