Puppy Training in Rhode Island

Congratulations on your new puppy! As you may know, the earlier you begin training your puppy, the easier it will be. Let us help you maximize your puppy's potential and help him or her grow into a great companion for you.

The Academy offers three puppy training solutions. Read more about our dog training methods, or pick a program below. Need help deciding? Contact us - we're happy to chat!

Don't wait for your puppy's vaccines to be "complete" before getting started!
This well-meaning advice is now outdated.
Read the Puppy Socialization position statement by the experts: the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.
Our programs meet or exceed the health recommendations set by AVSAB.

Complete Solutions

Our Puppy Jumpstart program is perfect for owners who want help ASAP! This program addresses most common puppy concerns - it covers potty training, mouthing/chewing, jumping up, crate training, and more! It includes a 90-minute consultation at your home, two 60-minute private lessons at your home, a bundle of useful training equipment, unlimited attendance to Puppy Playgroup & Enrichment, and as a bonus - a free Puppy Day School consultation, too! (For puppies under 5 months of age.)

Puppy Day School is our flagship program which combines daycare and puppy kindergarten. It provides puppies with socialization and basic manners while giving them a safe, age-appropriate place to stay while you're at work or school. (For puppies under 6 months of age at the time of enrollment.)

Flex Classes are group classes held at our Providence dog training studio on weekday evenings & Saturday mornings. Classes are taught by topic, not age or experience level. Behaviors trained include sit, down, coming when called, walking politely on leash, settling on a mat, stay, greeting people politely, and more! Our classes are flexible, so you can skip a week or two if you're busy, attend classes on multiple days of the week, and start any time. (For dogs & puppies of all ages.)

Learn about our STAR Puppy Challenge, open to puppies under one year old enrolled in Flex Classes!

Other Activities

Puppy Playgroup is our drop-in, 45 minute off-leash puppy playtime. This is an opportunity for your puppy to hone his or her social skills with other dogs. This socialization is very important if you want your puppy to have a good time at the dog park or enjoy going to daycare. (For dogs 7 months of age or younger.)

Need help deciding? Contact us - we're happy to chat!

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